Introducing the SuperiorMED
Neuropathy Relief System

Tingling. Burning. Pain. Numbness. More than 20 million Americans live with neuropathy, and suffer these sensations in their toes, feet, legs, and hands. While most treatments focus on masking the pain, we take a different approach at SuperiorMED Clinics in Peoria.

How the Neuropathy System Works

The team at SuperiorMED Clinics in Peoria recognized a true need for a leader in non-surgical, non-medicated neuropathy treatment that would help patients reduce their pain and improve their quality of life.

We provide a state-of-the-art treatment that’s FDA-approved, using only the latest and greatest medical advancements to provide effective, long-lasting relief from neuropathy pain.

Our treatment is known as the SuperiorMED Neuropathy Pain System – a 5-step treatment that uses injection-based therapies, rehabilitation, and other techniques to provide relief from pain, so our patients can get back to an active, enjoyable lifestyle.

Innovative. Non-Surgical.
Effective Pain Treatment

Our 5 Step, Neuropathy Pain Relief System

Step 1

Injection Therapy

Guided with advanced imaging technology, our medical team administers an all-natural injection that works to restore nutrients and blood flow to the damaged nerves and surrounding muscles. Over time, the nerves grow healthier and less pain is reported.

step 1 neuropathy injections
step 2 vibration therapy

Step 2

Vibration Therapy

Our Enhanced Vibration Therapy serves a very powerful purpose: to immediately and effectively increase blood circulation, which works to improve the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to damaged nerves and tissues. Each session improves patients’ blood flow and nerve function.

Step 3

Anodyne Infrared Laser Therapy

As part of our comprehensive treatment for neuropathic pain, the innovative Anodyne Infrared Laser helps to improve nerve function and support of new blood vessels and skin cells. It is one of the most innovative FDA-approved, non-surgical treatments for neuropathy. We are proud to offer this technology to our patients in Katy, and to help restore their life back!

infrared light therapy for neuropathy pain relief
step 4 vitamin B-12

Step 4

Vitamin B-12 Restoration

Did you know that severe neuropathy can often be linked to a depletion of vitamin B-12? That’s because B-12 acts as a shield for the myelin sheath that surrounds and protects nerves. Restoring this crucial vitamin can greatly reduce pain, restore function of the somatic nervous system, and decrease the uncomfortable symptoms of neuropathy.

Step 5

Lifestyle Consulting

Nutrition is at the core of good health – and the first line of defense against many diseases. With a program designed for each patient, we develop an exercise and nutrition program that focuses on your specific area of need. Our team also takes into consideration any other medications or supplements to maximize your health. Our goal is to get you back to the active lifestyle you love and deserve!

step 5 neuropathy lifestyle


Our practice was founded on a singular vision: to help relieve unnecessary pain and suffering experienced by the people in our community. At SuperiorMED Clinics in Peoria, we provide an alternative to surgery or medication that has helped patients end their suffering from neuropathy pain.

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