A Superior Approach To Treating Pain

A Superior Approach
To Treating Pain

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Knee Pain Symptoms We Successfully Treat

Our medical team has successfully treated a wide range of painful conditions in the knee joint, allowing patients to get back to a life they love without the need for knee replacement surgery or prescription medication.

Some of the conditions we treat include:




Meniscus Tear


ACL tears or Injury


Bone-on-bone Feeling


Popping or Cracking Sounds


Inflammation and Swelling


Scar Tissue in the Knee


Muscle Weakness




Bursitis in the Knee


Injuries from Sports


Injuries and Pain in the Patella

Why Choose SuperiorMED Clinics to Treat My Knee Pain?

If you’ve dealt with knee pain that’s impacted your enjoyment and quality of life, consider surgery as a last option. In addition to being very painful, it requires several weeks of downtime, rehabilitation, and work or school missed. Studies have found that a significant amount of replacement surgeries are deemed unnecessary. That’s why we’re here to help. Our knee program is covered by most insurances – so you have nothing to worry about except to get better.
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Knee Pain System

Our groundbreaking, non-surgical knee pain relief program uses the latest FDA-approved procedures and techniques for treating knee pain that has helped thousands of our patients find long-lasting relief.

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Take your first step towards a pain-free life. To learn more about this innovative, non-surgical program, contact our team today to schedule your free consultation. Most major insurance plans, including Medicare, are accepted.

The SuperiorMED Clinics Difference

Our practice was founded on a singular vision: to help relieve unnecessary pain experienced by the people in our community. At SuperiorMED Clinics, we provide an alternative to surgery that has helped patients end their suffering from knee pain.

Our knee pain program is a multi-step protocol that uses the highest level of state-of-the-art medical technology and processes to diagnose, treat, and relieve knee pain by strengthening the surrounding tissues, lubricating, and providing relief within the knee joint itself.

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